Manchester has been where it's at for the last couple of centuries. A magnet for business, it sits at the center of 'The Northern Powerhouse'.

Big on getting bigger

Bigger than Taiwan, Sweden or Denmark, this urban collective has one of the largest workforces going. Known as the UK’s second city, Manchester is the fastest growing regional capital.

Full of potential

The University of Manchester. Manchester Metropolitan University. The University of Salford. And the University of Bolton. Four leading institutions in the Top 100 globally, with more than 105,000 students collectively. That’s a lot of potential. A lot of talent.
And hungry minds.

A legacy of creative spirit

Where Ernest Rutherford first split the atom. Where John Dalton developed modern atomic theory. Where Rolls met Royce. For the last 200 years, Manchester has fuelled the Industrial Revolution and was recently titled The European City of Science 2016.

A world-class workforce

This assertive, restless city has levels of job creation predicted to outpace cities such as Berlin, Tokyo and Paris, between 2015 and 2020*. The working population is at 680,000 and the average age is 29. An inspiring call for creative industries and home to MediaCityUK, as well as a host of FTSE100 companies.

* Source: Beyond the City 2015, Oxford Economics