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5 Ways to Spend Mother’s Day in Manchester

Show your Mother or Mother-figure just how much you care this Mother’s Day with our top ways to celebrate in Manchester.

Although thoughtful gifts will always be appreciated, just spending the day together can mean so much. As MeadowSide is perfectly located in the centre of Manchester there are plenty of fun ways to spend the day:


      1. Picnic in the park

        As lockdown restrictions are easing, you can now meet one person outside for leisure. So instead of celebrating another Mother’s Day over Zoom, why not pack a picnic and head to Angel Meadow park. Spring is just around the corner and the daffodils are beginning to pop up in the park, so take advantage of the improving weather with an afternoon in the Meadow.



    1. Go on a bike ride

      MeadowSide Manchester walking and cycling route Angel Meadow
      Getting out and exercising is great for our wellbeing, and its always nice to spend quality time outside together. Manchester has many cycle friendly zones, one of which runs through Angel Meadow. If you follow this route, you can even cycle up to the Northern Quarter for a coffee break.


    1. Say it with food
      Speaking of a coffee break, why not celebrate Mother’s Day by supporting Manchester’s local businesses. Begin the day by surprising your mum with breakfast in bed with a takeaway from Federal. Alternatively, earn ultimate brownie points by ordering an impressive 3 course Sunday Roast from Alberts Schloss, what else are Sundays for?


    1. ‘Rose’ to the occasion

      Who doesn’t love receiving flowers as a gift? Thankfully, Northern Flower have carefully curated a number of Mother’s day bouquets – named after typical Northern Mum sayings (pictured: “Who’s ‘She’? The cats mother?” and “It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here!”) – which are bound to make your mum laugh and feel special.


  1.  Self-care Sunday

    Pamper your mum this Mother’s Day, no doubt she deserves it! Support local and independent with skincare from Form Lifestyle Store. Try out their soothing or balancing face masks for a truly indulgent and luxurious feel, leaving your mum glowing on the inside and out!

Celebrating special occasions is easy when you live in luxury in the heart of Manchester at MeadowSide, surrounded by amazing bars and restaurants and independent shops to treat the important people in your life.

Find out how you can make the move by speaking to our friendly sales team on 0161 509 7800 or enquire here.

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