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New Opportuni-teas: The Moodswings “Thumbs Up” cafe opens more doors.

We all need someone to listen and support us in our hour of need, sometimes we need more than that. Moodswings are a local mental health charity who have been providing aid for people with mood and mental health problems since 1999. From 1-1 patient support to coping workshops for friends and family, Moodswings is more than just a charity, it’s a community.

What was once the Pot of Beer pub, has now been lovingly transformed into the “Thumbs Up” Cafe, and has community embedded in its foundations. Sticking to their roots, Moodswings have officially opened a space which aims to provide support for visitors in more ways than one. Moodswings’ CEO, Linda Wilson exclaims “We are Thumbs Up Community Cafe, we welcome everyone!” The café is open from 10am-2pm Monday-Friday so if you need a little support or know somebody who does then the Thumbs Up café is the place to chat it out over a brew.

Thumbs Up is no ordinary cafe, offering hands-on opportunities for those recovering from life’s ups and downs. Moodswings strives to support the community and ensure that anyone who comes to use their services leave with a skill set that will help them in the future. The Thumbs Up Café will provide a back to work scheme and aims to be the steppingstone to ease people back into a working life. Moodswings hope that the café will prepare service users with transferable skills and a safe and friendly place to interact with the community.


Thumbs Up wants to offer locals a hub that welcomes all and combats loneliness at the same time. The café opens an opportunity to meet local people, share feelings and get support in a relaxed environment. What can you expect from the menu? All food is wholesome and affordable, with profits directly supporting the Moodswings charity!

Want to get involved? There’s a number of ways you can help out: Moodswings welcome donations such as food and drink, as well as kitchen and serving equipment. Every bit of support can help provide a hot drink or a hearty meal to someone who cannot necessarily afford it and a place for them to eat and drink in good company.

The charity relies on its volunteers and donations to sustain their free Mental Health Support Services such as maintaining the helpline, supporting people one to one and facilitating their recreational activities.

Need more info? Check out their website at or send them an email at

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